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Credits: Sandra Czubak, 2019.

Our long-term volunteering program "Support local forestry in Iceland" welcomes eight individuals between 18 and 30 years old from the following countries: Spain, Czechia, Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany and France. The duration of the program is five months.

A call for candidates is posted on the European Solidarity Corps portal in January/February each year. To apply the candidates must contact the national supporting youth organizations with whom we currently have agreements and register themselves and apply on our ESC project page on the European portal. The supporting youth organizations are:


Applicants from other countries cannot apply to this project.

Applicants must be interested in the topics of forestry, environmental improvement, and tree planting, and previous knowledge and/or experience in the outdoors is appreciated. The applicants must also be in good physical shape, motivated to work outside in all kinds of weather, and able to live collectively with other people. 

If you are interested in this opportunity or would like further information, you can send us an email at

More information can be found about the ESC program on the European Youth portal


Ana, Spain, 2022

"If I am completely honest, this project has given me some of the best months of my life that will be in my head and my heart forever. As I stated in my application, for me it has been always a dream to go to Iceland, and been able to go with such a reason as doing reforestation work made that even more incredible." 

Aneta, Poland, 2022

"This had been a truly amazing summer for me, thanks to it gained new friendships, experiences and skills. And I will always keep little farm of Ulfljotsvatn in my heart as a second home :)"

Lila, Austria, 2023

"In the course of the project we had the chance to grow a lot. On a personal level as well in the field we were working in. It is a safe and convenient way to volunteer. To volunteer is a beautiful way to get to know a place and it’s culture on not only a surface level." 

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The Lake House of Úlfljótsvatn


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