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The house is a three-storey old farm that has been renovated since it was bought by the Icelandic Forestry Association in 2011. The house comprises: 6 guest rooms (hosting a maximum of 10 people at the same time), a kitchen and pantry, two bathrooms, a dining/living-room, a reading room and a laundry-room.

Each resident has access to a private room with a dedicated workspace and a view of the lake, the church of Úlfljótsvatn and the mountains. The kitchen, bathrooms, and living/dining-room are shared with others, but there is enough space so that everyone has space to work and rest. There is a fully equipped kitchen, and the bathrooms have been very recently renovated. Bed linen and towels are provided but not toiletry products.

As of now, there are three rooms suitable for residencies:


  • Room 2: Single room on the second floor: 8,8 m2 – 80.000 ISK / month

  • Room 5: Double room on the first floor: 13,4 m2 – 90.000 ISK / month

  • Room 8: Single room in the basement: 8,5 m2 – 75.000 ISK / month


Another room can be prepared, upon special request. 

Each bedroom has a bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a desk, two lamps, and a desk chair.

The Icelandic Forestry Association does not require the residents to pay a safety deposit, but a deposit agreement must be signed before arrival to secure the payment of the residency fee. 

The IFA has received an operating license from the district commissioner in 2022 which guarantees that we are operating according to the health and safety regulations legally in place in Iceland. All fire safety equipment is up to date.

Þórunnartún 6

105 Reykjavík



The Lake House of Úlfljótsvatn


Grafningsvegur Efri

805 Selfoss




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