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The Icelandic Forestry Association welcomes writers, podcast/filmmakers, and artists who wish to take time to work on their own projects, between mid-October and the beginning of May. Although it is a 20 minutes' drive away from the big town of Selfoss, the house of Úlfljótsvatn is rather remote and in a quiet location which allows the residents to focus on their work all the while enjoying the peacefulness of the area. 

It is therefore a perfect location for a work retreat. The manager of the house is regularly on site to manage the residency and the guesthouse and offers the residents the chance to discover the area and learn about the natural, geological and social history of the Golden Circle area. If needed and when possible, the residents are put in contact with local organizations/partners to make valuable connections and present their work. It should be noted that there is no car made available for the residency: residents who do not come with their own vehicles, will be driven for their necessary logistical commute (e.g. from Reykjavík or Selfoss, groceries). It is however possible to rent a car for the duration of your stay, for example Hertz and Europcar / Bílaleiga Akureyrar which have contracts with Kolviður - Iceland Carbon Fund for carbon sequestration. 

The procedure


There is no call for application or any selection process, but the writing or art project proposed must offer a reflection on the topic of the environment and how humans interact with it, preferably on the topic of forests. A link to Iceland and/or the Nordic/Arctic area is appreciated. Artists who work wood as a material are also welcome to contact us. The residency program operates as a research residency, which means that the residents are not expected to present the results of their work upon the completion of their stay at Úlfljótsvatn.

There is no limit as to how long a residency project with us can last. We consider all propositions on a case-by-case basis and determine with the future residents if their project fits with the program and decide with them the conditions of their stay.

Send us an inquiry by email at In the email should be included a quick description of your project and how the time at Úlfljótsvatn will be used, in which context the residency project is happening (potential funding, ongoing research, duration and period for the stay etc.), and a link to a website or previous work.

Once a residency inquiry is received, we will get back to you and arrange a call meeting to get to know you more, discuss about the residency project and align expectations.

When a residency project is accepted, you will receive a letter of invitation for a residency at Úlfljótsvatn that you can use for grant applications. 

Þórunnartún 6

105 Reykjavík



The Lake House of Úlfljótsvatn


Grafningsvegur Efri

805 Selfoss




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